We LOVE hot chocolate!!

I mean, really, who doesn’t love a hot chocolate?  They’ve been a bit of a running theme on my Instagram story of late so I thought I would give a run down of our favourites.

Cream is an essential in our books, a deal breaker in fact!  Added extras also feature high on our “must haves” list…  Whatever you like there is something to tickle the tastebuds!

What are your “must haves”?

Feast your eyes and then try them out for yourselves.

6 of the best – one for every day of your ski holiday!  Take on the challenge and see if you can try them all while you are here!

And don’t forget to let me know your favourite…



In no particular order

Hot Choc The Corner

The Corner, Tignes Val Claret next to the Tufs chairlift


Hot Choc Fall Line

Fall Line Bar, Rue de la Balme, Val d’Isere


Hot Choc Hibou

Le Hibou, Portillo Residence, Val d’Isere


Hot Choc Le Lounge

Le Lounge, top of Solaise Telecabine, Val d’Isere


Hot Choc Planks Cafe

Planks Cafe, Tignes Val Claret


Hot Choc Bellevarde

Bellevarde Restaurant, top of Olympique Gondola/Funival, Val d’Isere


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